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Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Break?

Travelling?  Got enough car insurance?  Driving on a vacation?  Call your auto insurance agent to make sure YOU have enough insurance if you get hurt by a careless driver.  Why your insurance?  Because: if a careless driver hits and hurts you, they may not be very heavily insured.  

For example: Ohio drivers only have to carry $12,500 bodily injury coverage. What if you're hit by him/her and it's a serious accident?  You could be held responsible for the remaining costs if you do not have a higher UNDER-INSURED limit on YOUR policy.  Some other states: Florida - $10,000; Illinois & Michigan only $20,000.  Again, your medical bills might not be covered. Only Alaska, Maine and Wisconsin have the highest state limits: $50,000.

How do you protect yourself?  Make sure you have underinsured coverage on your own policy.  Make sure your agent confirms your UNINSURED coverage too...because the other driver may not have insurance AT ALL!  Heads up friends!!