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Monday, June 27, 2011

Pain and Suffering?

What is legal PAIN AND SUFFERING?  It is just what is sounds like!!!  But, it's not quite so simple.  Let's take PAIN, for example. What kind of pain (one size does NOT fit all)?  Is it SHARP, THROBBING, DULL, ACHING, STABBING, BURNING???   

Each word paints a different picture, doesn't it! 

Is it CONSTANT, INTERMITTENT, UNRELENTING or only TEMPORARY??? See the difference a word  makes?  Is it GONE, or does it "come back" when  you WALK, BEND, STOOP, EXERT, PULL, PUSH, OR LIFT?      

Think about it before you answer a question from an insurance adjuster who wants to take your statement!  The way you describe it MATTERS and can affect your case.       

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