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Monday, June 27, 2011

After an Injury

MEDICAL TREATMENT after an injury.  No one wants to sit in an emergency room or a doctor's office or be in the hospital after an injury.  We all have been there, and it is no fun.  But, if you don't get the treatment prescribed for you or that you need the insurance company will believe that you did not get hurt...because you did not get treatment!!  Makes sense doesn't it!         

3 things insurance companies LOVE to hear:
  1.  I had no car to get to the doctor or hospital or P/T sessions ordered;
  2.  I have no insurance and no money for treatment;
  3.  I could not get off work to go.   

Insurance companies KNOW that these are REAL concerns, BUT THEY DON'T CARE!!!!  WHY?   Because there will be no records to support your case, and, without records showing your treatment, it is as if your need for medical care care really DID NOT EXIST!  

Do what you can to get treatment (borrow from family and friends temporarily) ask help for rides and talk to your boss.  It is surprising how often these things work.  Months down the road you will be glad you did, and, feel better with good medical care too!!! 

Pain and Suffering?

What is legal PAIN AND SUFFERING?  It is just what is sounds like!!!  But, it's not quite so simple.  Let's take PAIN, for example. What kind of pain (one size does NOT fit all)?  Is it SHARP, THROBBING, DULL, ACHING, STABBING, BURNING???   

Each word paints a different picture, doesn't it! 

Is it CONSTANT, INTERMITTENT, UNRELENTING or only TEMPORARY??? See the difference a word  makes?  Is it GONE, or does it "come back" when  you WALK, BEND, STOOP, EXERT, PULL, PUSH, OR LIFT?      

Think about it before you answer a question from an insurance adjuster who wants to take your statement!  The way you describe it MATTERS and can affect your case.       

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