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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ethics...and Your Case pt. 1

When you talk to an insurance adjuster be VERY CAREFUL in naming money figures before you get legal advice.   Once you "set a price" on your case, it is almost literally impossible to get the insurance company to go higher, even if you then get an attorney.  Why?  Once the insurance company sees what you will likely settle for,  WHY would they pay MORE?  They likely will not. TALK TO US.  WE CARE AND CAN HELP YOU!

Do insurance adjusters get a bonus or fee for what they save on a claim? Generally, NO. But, we have seen some insurance adjusters BRAG about "how much they shaved" on a claim where they had been given a certain amount to pay the injured person and "got the claim for less."  While they generally do not get the "difference" they may get a promotion for being able to sweet talk people. This is how they trick you!  And to do this at a time when a person is vulnerable and in pain is WRONG. Be careful.  Call us for a free evaluation of you case and don't get TAKEN!  800-468-8736 the call and our recommendations are free!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why Are We Personal Injury Attorneys?

How do we see ourselves as injury lawyers?  We really believe that we are the WALL between an injured  person and their family, and big corporations who really do not CARE about you in a PERSONAL way.       We do CARE and to us, IT IS PERSONAL!!

Why do insurance companies "low ball" offers to injured people who do not have lawyers? SIMPLE -- because they can.  DON'T let it happen to you and those you CARE about.  Call us FIRST.
Cases that have attorneys for the injured person or their loved ones cost the insurance company MORE, and usually a LOT more.  Hire Tofaute & Spelman Personal Injury Attorneys in Terre Haute, Lafayette, Vincennes and watch us work for you.  

Want to find out more about us?  Check out our web site at http://www.accident-law.com   Find us on FACEBOOK  Follow us on TWITTER  Watch our videos on YouTube and call us anytime for FREE at 1-800-468-8736.  We are legal professionals who care about you!

Monday, April 4, 2011

What If I'm Too Hurt to Hire An Attorney?

Call us!  You can stay home and call us and we will work for you on your case while you are home.  We at Tofaute & Spelman know that no one wants to sit in a lawyer's office, or a doctor's office or other business places WAITING to be helped.    

That is why we have telephone intake services with our staff helping you from the comfort of your own home.  This saves you time and money.  Especially with high gasoline prices, bad weather, and especially if your car was damaged in the crash and not drivable.  WE UNDERSTAND.  Visit our website from anywhere http://www.accident-law.com  Call us today and we can start on your case immediately.

Tofaute & Spelman injury lawyers are available by telephone at your convenience.  Call 800-468-8736 right now.  Email is tslaw@accident-injury.com  We want to be your personal injury attorneys.