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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ethics...and Your Case pt. 1

When you talk to an insurance adjuster be VERY CAREFUL in naming money figures before you get legal advice.   Once you "set a price" on your case, it is almost literally impossible to get the insurance company to go higher, even if you then get an attorney.  Why?  Once the insurance company sees what you will likely settle for,  WHY would they pay MORE?  They likely will not. TALK TO US.  WE CARE AND CAN HELP YOU!

Do insurance adjusters get a bonus or fee for what they save on a claim? Generally, NO. But, we have seen some insurance adjusters BRAG about "how much they shaved" on a claim where they had been given a certain amount to pay the injured person and "got the claim for less."  While they generally do not get the "difference" they may get a promotion for being able to sweet talk people. This is how they trick you!  And to do this at a time when a person is vulnerable and in pain is WRONG. Be careful.  Call us for a free evaluation of you case and don't get TAKEN!  800-468-8736 the call and our recommendations are free!

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