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Monday, July 18, 2016

More and More Truck Accidents by George Tofaute

National statistics show that big truck (18 wheelers) accidents are increasing. In 2012 more than 100,000 folks were hurt by big trucks. Almost 4,000 were killed. Did you know that fatal truck accidents KILL eleven (11) people every day? Why? How?

According to our government, reports show:

1. drivers who drive too long and "fudge" their logs;  
2. hiring of non-qualified drivers just to get trucks on the road at any cost;  
3. not adopting new safety technology;  
4. driver fatigue;
5. cell phone use;  
6. excessive speed; 
7. driver distractions.
Remember actor Tracy Morgan's horrible crash in New Jersey a year or so ago? One man was killed and Morgan was left with a traumatic brain injury.  The truck driver who caused the crash was a semi-truck driver for Wal-Mart and drove 12 hours to work BEFORE DRIVING A TWELVE (12) HOUR SHIFT. The investigation found that he had been on the road more than twenty-eight (28) consecutive hours at the time of the crash.  This crash occurred despite the ''hours of service rule" that limits operators to no more than eleven (11) consecutive driving hours.

Do big trucks on the highway scare you? Me too!

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